Monkey King Noodle Opens in Deep Ellum

The old Santiago’s Taco Loco shop at 3014 Main Street in Deep Ellum is being transformed. Three friends—Andrew Chen, Michelle Midyette, and Michael Wang—have covered the bright orange paint with wooden slats, modernizing the building for their soon-to-open Chinese noodle and dumpling stand, Monkey King.

“The concept is real, honest, good hand-pulled Chinese noodles, pork buns, dumplings and soup dumplings with some good Chinese veggies done in a fresh/modern way… The noodles are pulled by hand daily and the dumpling and buns are assembled one at a time. It’s the exact same way they’re making food in the night markets of Taipei or the street carts in Beijing. We’re pulling from fond memories of going to the night markets in China after a night out and being able to eat some pretty amazing food while walking down the street,” says Midyette.

“Monkey King” may sound like a random name if you didn’t grown up listening to Chinese folklore, but it actually refers to one of China’s most famous literary characters. In Xiyouji (Journey to the West), Monkey King (aka Sun Wukong) is the novel’s hero, a mischievous immortal monkey who has special powers. With ease, he transforms himself into anything. It’s the kind of story that fits this neighborhood which has seen many transitions through the decades, most recently into one of Dallas’ hottest art scenes.

Source: DMagazine SideDish, Sept 13, 2013.

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