Safety Glass Co Building to Become Jon Stevens’ Restaurant

The American-food concept restaurant from chef Jon Stevens, Stock and Barrel, is planned to open in early in 2014.

Stevens left Nosh Euro Bistro in April to get his new concept off the ground, which he originally had planned to open this fall. He had been the executive chef at Nosh for two years.

Owner Brian Dimock relocated the third-generation family business from 316 W. Davis St to 2101 Sylvan Ave four months ago. The Safety Glass Co had been at 316 W. Davis St since it opened in 1940, but Dimock said he needed a smaller space and also thought he could make a little money on the property. Dimock’s grandfather and Safety Glass founder Claude Shipley passed away in 1990 and Dimock has been managing the property and running the business there since.

Source: Oak Cliff People, Sept 16, 2013.
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