The most surprising foodie neighborhood in Dallas? Lower Greenville

Retail on lower Greenville Avenue is comprised of an eclectic collection of restaurants, catering to a variety of dietary and culinary specialties.

In the recent past the area had been known for its bar scene, but changes in the streetscape design and zoning restrictions that require businesses to obtain a special permit for late-night service have encouraged a thriving restaurant scene. The area boasts a few long-standing established restaurants in addition to the new places. Pietro’s, Thai Thai, New Big Wong, Greenville Avenue Pizza and what many consider to be one of Dallas’ best sushi places, Teppo continue to thrive. The newer additions offer dishes catering to “foodie” niches such as:

The gluten-free trend is met by Company Cafe who even serves a gluten-free chicken fried steak.

Foreign cuisine is represented, from the Lebanese fare at Qariah, to Nora the newest sibling to the Afghan Grill in North Dallas.

Paleo Diet subscribers will find a “Hunter Gatherer” menu arrangement at HG Sply Co.

Craft beers lovers can taste and bring a growler home from The Bottle Shop and enjoy a meal with their beer at Dallas Beer Kitchen.

Specialty grocery chain Trader Joe’s offers healthfood stapes and specialty items including wine, ginger cookies, frozen fish fillets, edamame, mochi ice cream and more at competitive prices.

A food truck park provides a place for a variety of unique fare and picnic benches for outdoor dining.

Vegan dishes are available at the Libertine.

The coffee bar at Mudsmith boasts 2 specially-made espresso machines as well as craft beers and wine on tap.

Source: Culture Map Dallas, Sept 30, 2013.
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