Boutique ‘Dream’ hotel planned for Uptown

A 16-story boutique hotel is planned to begin construction in January in Uptown. The hotel will be owned by a joint venture including New York-based Hampshire Hotels and several unnamed Dallas investors. The team sees in Uptown a bustling streetlife similar to other Dream Hotel locations in Miami and New York.

Less than a mile from neighboring Hotel ZaZa and the Rosewood Mansion on Turtle Creek, the 128-room hotel will be on McKinney Ave at Bowen St on what  is now a vacant lot. Proximity to these hoteliers is seen to the investors an indicator  that there is demand for high-end hospitality in the area. Area rates at this time of year at Uptown’s luxury properties range up to $528 a night, and the well-heeled clients who stay there generally expect a level of luxury service unmatched by high-end hotels.  At rates in the low $200s per night, the Dream Hotel may siphon a bit of their clientele but anticipate creating their own customer-base.

Guest rooms will begin on the eighth floor, with a pool deck and nightclub on the seventh. The ground floor will include a 6,000 square foot restaurant serving breakfast, lunch and dinner. Locals are expected to be a good portion of the restaurant and nightclub crowds.

This will be the sixth Dream hotel, scheduled to open March or April of 2015.

Source: Dallas Morning News, Oct 10, 2013.
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