New Dallas Farmers Market owners/operators unveil detailed plans

Plans for the revitalization of the downtown Dallas Farmers Market include redevelopment, and new construction by DF Market Holdings. With a $15 million grant from the recently expanded Farmers Market Tax Increment Finance District, the $65 million project has already begun the design process. Streetscaping work will begin by February.

Within the following six months, the $1 million redevelopment of Shed 1 will begin. The redesign will remove car parking under the shed, and will allow room for approximately 60 vendors, twice the amount now. The eastern side of Shed 1 will have a band shell developed and assembled by Angus Wynne.

The $3.1 million redevelopment of Shed 2 ($355,477 from the TIF grant) will include converting the patio into “a beer garden.”

Sheds 3 and 4 will be replaced with a $38.6 million 240-unit apartment complex complete with ground-floor retail and 544 parking spaces ($9.5 million from TIF funding.)

A site at Taylor Street currently has three warehouses and restaurants that will be demolished in coming months to make room for 60 residential units and 25,000 square feet of retail. Only $4.5 million of this $19.2-million part of the project will be funded through the TIF grant.

The remaining $800,000 of TIF funding will support the community garden and futsal fields behind the market.

The project is scheduled to be complete by December 31, 2016, with most work scheduled to begin in 2014.


Source: Dallas Morning News, Dec 2, 2013.
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