Two pilots for NBC, including Ashley Judd ‘mega-church’ drama, shooting in Dallas

Two new television shows for NBC are filming their pilot episodes in Dallas: Salvation and Two to Go.

Salvation was announced in January, and billed as a “Texas mega-church drama”. According to the release from the Dallas Film Commission the show’s premise is:

“When the pastor of a congregation dies, the matriarch of the Strickland family (Judd) rallies to keep the family together in this show about faith, family and all the complications that come with both. Stark Sands, a Dallas native, will play the eldest son Paul Strickland. Meg Steedle plays the eldest daughter, Lilly. Emma Dumont and Jake Picking play the Strickland’s other teenage children. Another Texan, Warren Kole, plays an ex-convict and radical preacher.”

Two to Go is described as a “half-hour comedy that follows Laura (Christine Woods) and Kurt (Michael Stahl-David) as the last two single people in their group of friends. They barhop Friday nights, and moon bounce with their friends’ children on Saturday mornings. They grapple with the challenges of modern-day dating while their group of friends try and prove that they are destined to be together.”

Source: GuideLIVE, Mar 4, 2014.
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