Plan would add 1,000 apartments, retail space to Trinity Groves



West Dallas Investments, the owners of the Trinity Groves property, and their development partners announced that the next phase in their development of the area will include 1,000 residential units and complementary retail. Construction is planned to begin by early 2015 across Singleton from the Trinity Groves restaurants.

Babb Bros BBQ will soon move across Singleton to the north and the Hofmann Hots restaurant will also relocate to allow space for the new construction. Trinity Groves has also recently begun the redevelopment of two buildings for new restaurants on the north side of Singleton.

The first phase of the new construction will cover 3 ½ acres along Singleton, with 250 to 300 apartments in a six-story building. The ground floor will accommodate retail, restaurants or other uses. Apartment rentals will be priced at market and “affordable” rates. The city has committed up to $3.5 million in tax-increment reimbursements for the work, landscaping and sidewalk improvements.

An office tower is planned for the near future, following market demand, with approximately one project per year. Zoning for the 31 acres of Trinity Groves, approved last year, allows up to 9 million square feet of apartments, retail and offices. Included in the zoning are regulations for parking, block size, street design, landscaping and open space, to encourage bicycle and pedestrian traffic.

The city and West Dallas Investments analyzed planned density and traffic based on a build-out of 5,800 apartments, 1.4 million square feet of retail and entertainment space and 3 million square feet of offices.


Source: Dallas Morning News, April 23, 2014.
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