Two startups in AccelerateNFC program relocate to Dallas

Two startups from the accelerator program AccelerateNFC’s 2014 inaugural class have decided to relocate to Dallas, attributing their decision to the region’s growing startup community and wealth of business resources. Three of the four startups to came to Dallas for their pitch day came from out of state. True Mileage will be relocating from Long Beach, California and inProximity will be relocating from Baltimore, Maryland.

All four companies have products or services that utilize near-field communication (NFC), which is the technology that is mostly being used to turn smartphones into mobile wallets. The pitch day organizers recognized a strong NFC ecosystem in Dallas stemming from the telecom industry.

True Mileage developed a device that generates a summary of useful driving information such as mileage and error codes which the driver and insurance companies can access when touching an NFC-enabled device to the True Mileage unit. The infromation can be used by drivers to lower insurance rates, while helping insurance companies be more profitable. The True Mileage device also eliminates privacy concerns by compressing raw data into summaries rather than proving all driving details.

inProximity, sited the startup culture in Dallas that will increase their growth potential, as the main influence on their decision to relocate from Baltimore. The company helps travelers identify amenities near them. for example, by placing a NFC chip in a poster, hotel guests can receive hyper-localized information on restaurants, grocery stores and more with their NFC-enabled smartphone or QR scanner.


Source: Dallas Morning News, April 16, 2014.
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