Climate & Environment


The weather in Dallas is moderate, with very warm summers and cool but comfortable winters. Dallas experiences four distinct seasons. Temperatures reach their zenith during July and August when they can reach 100°F (38°C.)

Winter in Dallas is usually mild, when daytime temperatures can get up to 66°F (19°C), but temperatures can dip below freezing at times.

Dallas receives most of its visitors in the spring when the weather is generally mild and pleasant.

  • Average rainfall is 34.7 inches per year.
  • Average snowfall is 2.6 inches per year.
  • Annual number of sunny/partly sunny days is 232.

Environmental Stewardship in Dallas

Dallas Ecology

Dallas lies between the Piney Woods of east Texas and the Great Plains in the Blackland Prairie. Rolling grasslands are laced with bottomland forests along rivers and creeks. The Trinity River runs through the city and just south of downtown is the 6,000-acre Great Trinity Forest, home to an estimated 1,300 plant and animal species.
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Texas Wildlife Management

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