Protecting Our Environment

Dallas understands that doing business in a sustainable way enables an organization to provide its services more efficiently. For decades, the City of Dallas has demonstrated a commitment to environmental responsibility and innovation in running the city. Numerous initiatives, policies and awards reveal the City’s dedication to improving the quality of life through environmental sustainability.

Environmental Initiatives

  • The first U.S. city to adopt the International Green Construction Code (IgCC) as mandatory code for all new commercial construction (2012), and one of the first major U.S. cities to pass a comprehensive green building standard for both residential and commercial construction (2009).
  • Twenty-four new municipal facilities are LEED-certified.
  • Over $5.3 million saved by energy efficient upgrades in municipal buildings.
  • First U.S. city to implement the ISO 14001 certified environmental management system (2008).
  • 36% of the city vehicles are alternative-fueled or hybrids.
  • 40% of the city power is renewable energy, primarily wind power.
  • Methane gas capture and an Enhanced Leachate Recirculation system that accelerates decomposition, extend the life of McCommas Landfill.
  • Per capita water demand has decreased 35% from 1998 to 2012.
  • Residential recycling reached almost 70% participation in 2012, increasing waste diversion by 4% over 2011, to 52,081 tons.


  • The largest local government user of green power in the US (EPA, 2015).
  • #1 ranking on the 2014 Regulatory Climate Index (US Chamber of Commerce Foundation, 2014).
  • Eighth in number of Energy Star rated buildings in the city (EPA, 2012).
  • Pilot city for EPA’s Sustainable Skylines 3 year partnership (2007) evaluating sustainable issues and programs for metro areas.

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Community Sustainability

Bicycle Advocacy & Complete Streets
The Dallas bike system includes 115 miles of trails and multi-use paths, and 7 miles of on-street shared lanes, bike lanes, and buffered bike lanes. The 2011 Bike Plan Update combines public input and professional recommendations to improve bicycle infrastructure.

Public Transit
Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) runs buses, light rail and the Trinity Railway Express through Dallas and 12 surrounding cities. The Green Line’s 28 mile addition in 2010 makes Dallas Area Rapid Transit the second largest light rail network in the U.S.

Local Purchasing
The downtown Dallas Farmers Market is the City’s largest permanent showcase of local produce and crafts for sale. Buying local benefits the community economically and environmentally.

Urban Coops & Gardens
Backyard chickens and home gardens reduce the carbon footprint of our food. Chickens are allowed in the city, though roosters are illegal.