New Markets Tax Credit Program

The City of Dallas created the Dallas Development Fund (DDF) in 2009 as a non-profit organization to seek a New Markets Tax Credit allocation.  DDF was awarded a $55 million allocation under the 2009 NMTC program; all of these funds have been committed to projects.  DDF was also awarded a $30 million allocation under the 2012 program awards.

The NMTC program is a federal program operated by the Department of Treasury that provides opportunities for new development in traditionally underserved areas.  The program provides NMTC investors with a 39% federal tax credit payable over seven years.  These investments are partnered with additional funds for businesses and real estate development in Low Income Communities.

If you have a project that you would like considered for NMTC funding, please complete the online NMTC eligibility form or download a hard copy on the right.  This form is the first step in the DDF NMTC process.

For a full-size version of the NMTC eligible areas in Dallas, click on the image or download from the link on the right.