Much of the world has suffered in recent months from unparalleled economic turmoil.  Unlike many countries, states and cities, a diverse economy and strong fundamentals have helped the State of Texas and the City of Dallas to weather such disruption in the market.

The Dallas economy is relatively strong in comparison to many other cities.  Despite the recent economic turmoil, Dallas, Texas continues to be one of the most resilient economies in the U.S. based on the fact that its local industries (and housing markets) suffered far less contraction than most other large cities such as Los Angeles, Chicago or New York City.

We invite all EB-5 investors to consider joining us in building the City’s infrastructure and industries for the future.  Whether you wish to move to Dallas or just invest your EB-5 dollars in our local economy: we will be glad to have you here in Dallas!  Welcome…to Dallas EB-5!