Global Economic Profile

The Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex

Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) is one of the spikes in the global economy, claiming the 12th largest metro economy in the world. DFW posts a gross metro product exceeding $300 billion, supported by a local workforce of three million and more than six million residents (2009).

DFW’s standing was evaluated through five essential ingredients of economic success: Talent, Access, Resources, Business Climate and Quality of Life. Staff of the Greater Dallas Chamber worked with the members of the Chamber’s Economists Council to identify a set of leading global metros. From approximately 100 or so elite global business centers (out of thousands of metros worldwide) a final set of 21, including DFW, were selected as benchmarks. These benchmarks are in Australia, Asia, Europe, and North and South America and represent the “elite of the elite” regions in the global economy.

The report assesses the global success that DFW has achieved thus far and the areas to focus on for a continued and expanded global economic presence.

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