Thinking of the U.S.? Think Dallas!

Dallas welcomes you to do business in our city, the ideal location for reaching U.S. customers. Our access to markets, a talented workforce and low operating costs, make Dallas a favorite for corporate headquarters, distribution and professional services.

There are 20 Fortune 500 companies headquartered in the metro area and Dallas itself is home to 269 corporate headquarters that each employ over 1,000 people globally. The region is home to the U.S. or North American headquarters for leading global companies including Samsung Telecommunications, 7-Eleven, Ericsson, Research in Motion, Accor and Essilor. Dallas is also the proud home to major U.S. firms like AT&T, Exxon Mobil, Brinker International, Texas Instruments, Comerica Bank and Southwest Airlines.

Dallas offers a premium quality of life for international staff and families. Dallas’ leading health care, educational, cultural and recreational assets make it easy to live well and do business in the U.S. Dallas is an international city with dynamic and growing immigrant communities supporting many cultural or ethnic-based schools and businesses. A quarter of the population is foreign born and the city boasts a diverse religious community and media outlets in Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Hindi and Vietnamese.

Invest in Dallas

As domestic and international businesses continue to grow within the Dallas area, investing in the city continues to add to our strengths and our diversity. Investing in Dallas offers unique opportunities for centralized distribution throughout North America, opportunities for culture expansion, for educational enrichment, and for increased international trade and commerce.

The strategic location of the International Inland Port of Dallas (IIPOD) builds on Dallas’s strength as a logistical center to furthering international business commerce, as the city features the International Inland Port of Dallas (IIPOD).

The competitive advantages for investing in Dallas also include:

  • Dallas is part of the 4th largest metro area and 6th largest economy in the US and 7th richest by per capita income
  • Dallas is the largest metro economy in Texas, 14th largest in the world ($300 billion+)
  • Region adds an average of 187 new jobs and 470 new residents daily
  • General unemployment rate below national average
  • Young and highly educated work force
  • Ranked 3rd in U.S. corporate headquarter locations with 10 Fortune 500 company headquarters (20 in DFW)
  • International logistics and transportation hub – Central location leveraged by transportation assets (DFW Airport, IIPOD, 5 interstate highways, 3 class-one rail lines, 3 rail intermodals)
  • Technology (229,500 high tech jobs)
  • Balanced economy (no sector over 20%)
  • Low cost of living/doing business


Opportunities to Invest

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