International Inland Port of Dallas (IIPOD)

Dallas’ Global Gateway

The IIPOD is a public-private partnership, serving as a third phase of regional intermodal development (building off of DFW Airport and AllianceTexas). It is a key driver in making Dallas the nation’s premier logistics and distribution center. IIPOD is a catalyst for Southern Sector investment, job growth and development of sustainable communities, with a goal of increasing the local tax base and employment.

Located in southern Dallas County, the entire project’s impact area covers 234,000 acres and encompasses 12 municipalities. The project takes advantage of the region’s superior transportation infrastructure, which includes multiple interstate highways and two Class I railroads (Union Pacific and Burlington Northern Sante Fe), and is focused at the confluence of Interstates 35, 45, 20 and the future Loop 9.

Current initiatives include expanded Foreign Trade Zone acreage, an infrastructure analysis focusing on water, stormwater, wasterwater and roads, and pilot programs for workforce training as well as enhanced container security. The total project is estimated to take 30 plus years to complete.

For more information, please see the official IIPOD website at: For a PDF version of the map below, please click on the map.