Trinity River

The Trinity River Corridor Project is first and foremost a flood protection project. It covers 20 miles or approximately 10,000 acres. The aerial depiction shows 10 miles of the project near downtown Dallas.

The Trinity River Corridor Project promises to change Dallas’ image and redirect development patterns in North Texas.

Through almost $2.0 billion in investment, including $270 million in city bond funds, the Trinity River will be transformed into Dallas’ greatest park.

The entire corridor, including commercial and residential opportunity areas outside the park greenbelt, includes over 40,000 acres with  recreation activities within the river’s levees and redevelopment areas outside the levees.

The Trinity River Corridor Project will:

  • Provide flood protection for the full length of the corridor
  • Manage the corridor in the midst of an intensely urban setting, supporting mobility goals while enhancing environmental and recreation benefits
  • Create critically important community and economic opportunities for the neighborhoods bordering the Trinity River, including Downtown

Dallas initiatives to support the Trinity River Project include:

  • Wetland, lakes and parkland construction
  • New bridges designed by architect Santiago Calatrava
  • Rezoning to facilitate urban, riverfront development
  • Business relocation assistance
  • Tax increment finance districts