Interactive Maps

See geographic relationships between key features, incentive tools, target economic development areas and assets


Logistics Infrastructure, Higher Education Campuses, Strategic Location,  Destinations by Air

Business Assistance Centers

Organizations that support Small Business Assistance

City Overview

City Highlights, Downtown Detail, Dallas-Fort Worth Regional Overview

Council Districts

Fact sheets for each of the 14 Council Districts


Population Density by Block Group, Median Household Income by Block Group

Enterprise Zones

Areas qualified as Enterprize Zones by the State of Texas

Environmental Features

Map of elevation, parks, major water bodies, trails, escarpments and flood plain

Headquarters and Fortune 500 Companies

Locations of Fortune 500 companies in Dallas and global companies headquartered in DFW

New Markets Tax Credit

Map of Eligible Areas

Public Improvement Districts (PID)

Map of Dallas PIDs

Public-Private Partnership (PPP) Program

Public-Private Partnership Program Southern Dallas Boundary Map


Consumer Expenditure, GAFO Expenditure, Grocery Expenditure, Density of Retail Rentable Building Area

South Dallas Fair Park Trust Fund

Census tracts in which projects would qualify for funding

Targeted Employment Areas

Map of Qualified Areas for CDRC

Tax Increment Finance (TIF) Districts

Map of Dallas TIF Districts

Disclaimer: Maps presented here are for informational purposes and represent only the approximate relative location of property boundaries.